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June 1st, 2007

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12:53 pm - Confounding Tales!
Confounding Tales! was a lot of fun, as I mentioned. There was a ceilidh (with bonus many weddings of many Space Barons), interesting panels, Art Deco art-making, rocket launching, biplane races, lots of people in costumes, a pub quiz, stage sword-fighting workshop, and more.
There was also a Plot - except it didn't quite work. I think it was supposed to start during the ceilidh, with a girl bursting out into tears, thus prompting people to find out what was wrong and then get started investigating and stuff. Unfortunately, a crying teenage girl apparently generates a very intense SEP[1] field, and no-one, no matter how curious (i.e. me) actually went over and spoke to her (there were people at her table talking to her and (apparently) comforting her, I figured the situation was "under control", and it was none of my business, and all that). There might have been other Plot-starting moments, but I completely failed to notice those :-)
Anyway, if the Convivial/CT! crowd do another Con (give them a few years to recover from this one), it's definitely worth going along and having some fun.

[1] SEP = Someone Else's Problem.[2]

[2] I always wonder how many people won't get the reference, but I figure there must be at least a couple.

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Date:June 3rd, 2007 01:59 am (UTC)
Hmmm. was the Plot(tm) advertised, so that people would notice 'out of the ordinary' happenings?

Otherwise, I suspect a crying teenage girl would not necessarily inspire a mass migration towards her to see what was up. Unless there was visible blood, my instinct would be to give some privacy to the girl I'd never met before.

I also have issues (as a GM) with a plot that relies on attracting sufficient interest that the PC's (in this case con-goers) will wander over and take some initiative. The amount of times I've had to hit my pc's with the plot band-wagon to get some momentum....

On a different topic, i've very curious about how they did biplane races? What were these? Radio controlled planes?

Also, the stage sword fighting workshop sounds interesting. Did they bring in an actual stage fight coreographer (i never know how to spell that word)?

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