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August 18th, 2007

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09:05 pm - Wet ...

Today, Glasgow is very wet.
Today was also the day of the corporate rowing challenge that rwrylsin and I were competing in (we got six weeks training and then the race today).
Did I mention how wet it was ? We eventually reached a sort of equilibrium - we couldn't actually get any wetter than we already were, so we just wandered around squelchily and tried to do a good job of rowing. rwrylsin's team did quite well - they won all of their pool races (one by default), and had a very close race in the quarter final. My team didn't do so well ... disqualified in our first race after going somewhat astray in our steering and making our opponents stop rowing, a narrow loss in the second race, technical difficulties and more steering problems in the third, and a complete mess of the steering in the fourth (ended up in the bank).
It also didn't help that both rwrylsin and I were involved in releases at work last night - mine was all sorted by 9ish, rwrylsin's was due to finish around then too. I ended up going in around 10:30pm to pick her up, because they were "nearly done". Unfortunately, they stayed "nearly done" until nearly 1:30am, when we finally came home. For extra bonus fun, I'm on call this weekend and got a call at 3:30am too - fortunately it wasn't too tricky to deal with.
I had a two hour "nap" when we came home (after getting dried off), which I took as a sign that the day (and night) had caught up with me. Also a sign that we weren't going to head across to Edinburgh for andrewducker's party - next time, for sure !
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Date:August 19th, 2007 06:38 pm (UTC)
*passes a towel*

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