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Back again ... (thud)

This is something of a marker post, so I know when the Great LJ Catch-Up is done. We're back from our driving-madly-about-southwest-Britain holiday, and it's rather good to be home again.
Some random statistics for the trip :
Distance driven : 2100 miles
Fuel consumption : 37.3 mpg
Avg speed : 45.3 mph (better than I expected, considering all the little country laneways we crawled down)
Snack food consumed (while driving or out-and-about): 1.2 kg chocolate, 2 bags of Kettle chips, 4l of Coke, 1l of ginger beer, 400g of shortbread.
I don't think I'll weigh myself until we've been to the gym a few times, between that lot and the English breakfasts and the various ice-creams and things along the way.

Edit much later : Photos taken : about 1200.
Average petrol price : about £0.93/litre.

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