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General update ...

So, it's the second of October. Supermarkets around here have Halloween stuff (but we're in the UK, dammit!) and Christmas stuff (aaaargh !). On the other hand, if we wanted to post something to Australia via surface mail to be there in time for Christmas, it had to leave on Monday, so I suppose for a few people, it's good that there's stuff in the stores already.

Meanwhile, a question ... on toast. Raise your hands if you like cold toast ("cold" in this case meaning "not sufficiently warm to melt butter (or other spread of your choice)"). Ok, now raise your hands if you've ever been served cold toast at a hotel or B&B or other accommodation.
I'm betting that many more hands were (virtually) raised for the second question than the first. Surely it's not so hard to provide half-decent toast in the morning ??

Past and future events, wot I ought to write up proper like : Fenced in Edinburgh last night, fenced in Highland Open in Inverness on Sunday (drove up Saturday and back Monday morning). I had a very middling sort of day, seeded in the middle of the DE (17th), beat no. 16, then lost to the 1st seed and eventual winner, finishing ... in the middle. rwrylsin won the women's sabre, though, and has a nice shiny trophy and medal to show for it.
Fencing club committee meeting tonight, and fencing training here tomorrow night. Can you tell that the fencing season has started again ? Considering doing the Leicester Open in 10 days, Welsh Open in early Nov, Miller-Hallett in late Nov, and a Satellite comp in Dublin in early December (well, the Welsh is already booked, the others are all just plans so far).
Two Tuesdays ago, I tried to get to Edinburgh Fencing Club to train, but left here a little late, and then spent most of an hour wibbling around in the Old Town trying to find the right street (I had, of course, left the Edinburgh Street Directory at home). Honestly, would it be too much trouble to at least have clear and obvious street signs ? And to not change street names every block ??
10 days ago, we were in Paris, and it was lovely, and I must post some photos.
I've pretty much recovered from the cold I was coming down with on the way home from Paris, and most of my fitness seems to have survived, fortunately.
Satellite 1 coming up this weekend, too. Whee !

And finally ... we have two tickets, and possibly more to come ... to the Olympic Fencing next year. Yes, we're completely mad planning to go to China next year, for just over two weeks. Yes, I have forgotten most of the Chinese I learned 10 years ago at uni, so I'm going to have a little revision do to over the next 10 months. I'm going to need a bigger iPod to hold all the Chinese podcasts I'm going to download, though, mine only has 300Mb or so left ...

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