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N years ago (N=20,10,5,2,1)

20 years ago:
1987 ... I was in Year 12 (errr, final year of high school for those from different school systems). Doing Maths I&II, Physics, Chemistry, and Music (because I wouldn't have passed English, and once the braces came off and we decided that my flute playing hadn't suffered too badly, I dropped Accounting like a hot potato). Living in Adelaide, starting to get in to cycling. I've not really kept in touch with anyone from those days, and they don't seem to pop up on the Net.

10 years ago:
Living in Adelaide, just about to move to Melbourne to move in with rwrylsin (after two years long-distance). Had given up on my half-finished BA earlier in the year (I'm not really an academic sort). I wasn't cycling much, but I'd found fencing a few years earlier.

5 years ago:
Living in Melbourne with rwrylsin, probably just starting to think about going for a holiday over here (which we did in 2003, leading to the decision to move here). We were both fencing quite a bit, and working in IT (of course).

2 years ago:
Living in Glasgow, and we'd been to WorldCon a couple of months earlier. Happily married to rwrylsin for a couple of years, and mostly settled in to life Up North. Working at my current job for 9 months or so by then, so we'd started having some spare cash around (which mostly seemed to disappear on travel and fencing (or travel for fencing)).

1 year ago:
Still in Glasgow, still married, still fencing. Seen many interesting places, fenced lots of people, and generally had fun doing it all.

Worked as normal (well, mostly - I'm doing 7:30 to 3:30 this month. Getting up at 6 is hard for a night owl like me, but at least it means I'm going home while there's still some daylight, and I started it this week straight after the clocks went back, so it's not too bad). Napped a little, had dinner, then went to Edinburgh for a spot of fencing training.

Work again, then will go home and do the normal home things (dinner, computer, maybe a nap), and then head to the gym later.

Much the same, with fencing in the evening (this week with Bonus AGM! Hope there'll be time for some fencing afterwards).

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