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Update !

Whee ! Snow ! Well, at least half-a-dozen snowflakes drifted by the office window earlier today, and there were a few flakes around at lunchtime, too. The forecast claims that we'll get some tonight and tomorrow, maybe 5cm or so, but I'll believe that when I see it.

Meanwhile, back to work today, and experiencing a jet-lagged feeling adjusting from DHT (David Holiday Time) to normal hours. Left to my own devices, I naturally gravitate to a 4-6am bedtime, and 12-2pm wakeup (and this has happened both here and in Australia, so it's not even as if I'm attuned to some particular timezone, I'm just an extreme night-owl :-) ).

I'll need to be back on track by the weekend, though, because I'll be getting up at about 6am on Sunday to head across to Edinburgh to defend my Scottish Open title. And hopefully Sunday morning won't greet me with 15cm of snow as we had in March '06, which was coincidentally also on the day of a fencing tournament, and made the normal 1 hour trip to Edinburgh take nearer 3 hours.

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