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Where to begin ... ?

So, there's an article in The Age about how iPods can be used in the "dating game" to quickly establish a bit about someone's musical tastes.

With "anything and everything" among his 7,000 songs, he says the ones he plays most reflect his teenage years in the 1980s and 90s in Echuca on the Murray River in Victoria.
"Probably my favourites are Midnight Oil, INXS, all that stuff you grew up llistening to," Brinton says.
"The stuff I listened to as a teenager is the stuff I still listen to now."
He says his diverse playlist, which also includes Elton John, Ministry of Sounds and opera, probably shows he is "open to anything".
Really ? That's a "diverse" playlist ? Sheesh ...
Putting my iPod on Shuffle gives (first 10 tracks, unedited) :
Der Drache Fangdorn (Die Ballade) - Ralf Der Rabe - Miroque IX
Von Koch: Cantilena - Manuela Wiser - Small is Beautiful (Small Pieces for Solo Flute)
Charis - Elend - Winds Devouring Men
All For One - Qntal - Ozymandias (Qntal IV)
Stilla - Vintersorg - Hedniskhjärtad
May I Kiss Your Wound ? - Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble of Shadows - Songs From the Inverted Womb
Legio VI Ferrata - Triarii - Ars Militaria
over and done - Deine Lakaien - April Skies
White beasts of Wotan - Graveland - Creed of Iron
Al Svartr (The Oath) - Emperor - Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk

So, German neo-folk/mediaeval, modern flute solo, hard to describe, mediaeval/pop crossover, neo-folk/black metal, very hard to describe, martial/industrial, goth/industrial, black metal, black metal.

A different random 10 might have included trance techno, Qawwali singing, Celtic music, pipe bands, symphonies, drum'n'bass, symphonic metal, and any other weird thing that I like listening to. (Of course, my collection is not as diverse as it could be - I listen to neither Country nor Western :-) )

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