David Cook (davidcook) wrote,
David Cook

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Merseyside Open ...

Hmph. Fenced like a muppet, came somewhere around 40th (out of 90 or so).
Also left the handle of one my epees at home on Friday night (after rewiring attempt on Wednesday when I discovered I was out of wires), probably got a speeding ticket at the end of the M62 in Liverpool (putting the camera right after the 50 sign from a 70 zone is mean, and the reflective back didn't), had a bad Toby's Carvery experience (they brought out a fresh dish of roast potatoes - half of them were cold, though), had a disturbed night's sleep on Saturday night (noisy people coming and going in the corridor and the room next door), and didn't even win my share of the £95 million from Friday night's EuroMillions ("my share" being somewhere around £1 million or so, I'm not greedy :-) ).
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