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Back to reality ...

... swapping convention badge for work pass. *sigh*

I enjoyed Eastercon a lot, even if it will take a while to sort out my sleep debt.
In summary: Went to a bunch of panels, hung around chatting to people (well, mostly listening, because I'm a shy retiring soul :-) ), danced at a ceilidh-like-event, played Werewolf[1] until the small hours of one morning, wore a Cute Shoulder DragonCthulhu, and generally had a good time. I'll send the organisers some feedback on a couple of small issues (poorly placed Voodoo Board, which wasn't even set up until sometime Saturday, and a little tweak for the opening ceremony), but otherwise it was all pretty good. The hotel layout was interesting (I can see why it's been dubbed the "Radisson non-Euclidean" by many fans), but the maps were plentiful and I had it mostly figured out by the end anyway. And it was full of people - not sure of the final attendance figure, but it was somewhere around 1300 warm (or not-so-warm) bodies on site.

[1] That's "Werewolves of Miller's Hollow", not any other Werewolf-themed game.
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