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No-one reads posts on Sunday anyway, right ?

Whew. I think I need a weekend to recover from my weekend (plus the past week). Very busy week at work - it was my turn to do all the various manual processes for our data warehouse feeds and things, and there are zillions of them. I was also on call, although that was mercifully quiet during the week. Didn't escape so lightly over the weekend, with a DR test at one of our data centres, so I've been called and/or doing stuff on and off until around 4ish today, when finally all of our jobs were caught up and it was time for the backups to kick off. That was the cue for rwrylsin and I to wander off to the gym for an hour, attempting to stay in shape for upcoming fencing events.
Meanwhile I've been playing Oblivion obsessively for hours on end a bit, and I think I'm enjoying it more on the new laptop - it makes combat much easier if it doesn't turn into a slow slideshow, and the pretty moments (e.g. views from the mountains) are very very pretty.

The next few weeks are going to stay busy - rwrylsin and I are going to a Sonata Arctica concert next week, then off to London for rwrylsin's birthday on the weekend. The weekend after that we have the GWEFC 48er (an all-pools foil tournament) and possibly a visit to The Garden of Cosmic Speculation if we can fit it in. After that, we're off to Paris, where I'm competing in the Challenge Monal, an FIE A-grade epee tourament (eek ! whee !).
After that, hopefully we'll have a quiet week or two to recover !

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