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April 29th, 2008

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04:44 pm - Wow ...
Nice thunderstorm outside at the moment ... started up just before my going-home time for the day, just like they used to do in Melbourne. Ahh ... nothing like getting home soaked through to bring back memories :-)
Seems to be easing a little, although there's still the occasional flash and rumble to keep it entertaining, but the rain has stopped attempting to wash Glasgow away down the Clyde.

Meanwhile ... why is it so hard to find blank greeting cards around here (i.e. something with nice photos or images, but no writing) ? It's very strange, they used to be quite easy to find in Australia.
Current Mood: amusedentertained

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Date:April 29th, 2008 04:54 pm (UTC)
Grass Roots has a selection at Charing Cross, and Clinton cards does some. They do exist, once you know where to look.

My cats jumped at one of the lightning bolts and both sat on me. It looks nice and light out now. :D

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