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Woohoo ! On leave ...

And apparently on UK time 5 months early. Got to bed around 6am-ish on Friday night (well, Saturday morning), woke for a little while around midday-ish, then slept more until 4pm. Got to bed around 9am this morning (which I'm still technically counting as part of Saturday night :-> ). Woke again around 4pm. Since I do need to be in sync again for Christmas & New Year, I'm planning to "wrap around" - stay awake all night and tomorrow until about 9pm, then crash and sleep 12 hours or so. If I keep to relatively normal hours after that, I'm all set ...

(obviously I need to live somewhere where the days are 28-30 hours long ... or not have a job :)

As far as actually achieving anything goes, not a huge amount, except lots of Baldur's Gate II playing (getting near the final fight in Throne of Bhaal - the last time I tried that fight, some months ago, I tried to win it at least 10 times and failed every time. This time for sure :-> ).
One I'm done with this game of BG II, I already have another party ready to go. And just installed Neverwinter Nights. And then there's Arcanum & Planescape:Torment and Fallout (if I can get it to not crash when I try to run it).

I feel very geeky all of a sudden.

(actually, I have done a couple of things - filled one storage box with comics (it holds 200, which I assumed would be enough - of course, it holds less than half my collection; and took apart a couple of Ikea bookcases. By the way, we have these two bookcases for sale - white, 1650 x 700mm, some assembly required (they're Ikea, after all) ).

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