April 13th, 2003


David, Lisa and a horse named Tex

... and you thought I was kidding about Tex. Nope, we went horse-riding this morning, out at Tonimbuk (about 100km East of Melbourne CBD). This was only the second time I've ever ridden a horse, and the first was about 6 or 7 years ago. By the end of the ride, though, I was getting used to it, and managed to be not-too-uncomfortable while the horse trotted and cantered. The trail we were riding on (a group of 10 of us) goes through the Bunyip State Forest, and it was all very nice and ferny and foresty. Fortunately, nothing seems too sore after the ride.
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The weather Over There

For the last 4-5 months, since Lisa and I started planning our holiday this May (to Scotland, Wales & England), I've been regularly checking the UK Met Office 4-day forecasts. I also check the Melbourne 4-day forecasts. Tomorrow's forecast has special significance - it is the first time (that I've noticed) where the Edinburgh maximum is forecast to be higher than the Melbourne one (20 C vs 17 C). Spring appears to have sprung, and all that.
Of course, Edinburgh didn't get above 10 in most of December. Brrrr !
(December temperatures will become relevant if Lisa and I proceed with our Grand Scheme to move to Edinburgh in mid-2004 and live and work there for a few years).
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