July 4th, 2003


Oooh, a month passes by ...

... and I've been a little slack in updating.

So, what have we done in the past month ?

Well, Lisa and I announced our engagement - I suppose that's newsworthy :->
We're planning to get married in late September, at this stage, and are
running around organising stuff for that.

Meanwhile, we've decided to move to the UK next year, sometime around
May or June. Before then, I want to catalogue all of our books (not too
hard, since most are already catalogued), all of our CDs (harder, since there
are 400 of them now (I was bored one day and counted - I was expecting only
250-300 or so !) ), all of my audio tapes (around 350 of those, too !),
rip lots of CDs into MP3 form, do the same for lots/most/all of the audio tapes
(500 hours !), scan dozens if not hundreds of photos and slides, organise
my photos (over 130 rolls of film, 40 of slides, plus various medium format
films), finish organising and sorting Lego, make cool stuff, then take it
apart and organise it and sort it again, learn to dance (traditional styles),
read lots of books, work out which stuff we want to keep and which to sell,
watch lots of DVDs/videos, play games, fence, get fit, eat chocolate, and
have fun. Whew. Sounds like time for a break now :)

Random cool thing : Invader Zim. Strange animated stories about an alien
"disguised" as a human school student, who intends to destroy the human
race (eventually). Quote: "Clean, lemony fresh victory is mine!"

More updates to come ... (maybe !)
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