August 1st, 2003


A moment at the tailors

Some weeks ago, before life went a little insane, the zip in my fencing jacket broke. I searched the Yellow Pages for convenient tailors in the CBD, and found one along Little Collins Street which looked suitable. I took my jacket along, and spoke to the tailor. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to help, but recommended the dress-making & alteration shop next door, who were indeed able to replace the zip. On my way out, the tailor and I chatted briefly about fencing, he made the obligatory swish-swish-stabbing motion, and I explained which countries were on top in the fencing world, and which countries weren't (e.g. Australia), and then I went on my way.

Moving along to last weekend, while up at Mt. Hotham on a ski trip. On Sunday morning, I noticed that the zip on my jeans had broken (in mildly amusing circumstances, which I won't go into here). Today, I went along to the tailor from above, and he recognised me and said I didn't need to leave my details, he knew I was "the fencing guy". Doing obscure sports obviously has its advantages.
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