September 22nd, 2003


Yargh ...

Normally, I sit back and smirk as everyone gets affected by the latest Windows virus doing the rounds. Apparently I'm not in enough people's address books to get affected by the usual mail-to-everyone-in-victim's-address-book type of virus. The latest one, though, is spamming out 140-160k junk to people who've recently posted in various newsgroups - unfortunately, I post semi-regularly, particularly to aus.sf (announcements for MSFC weekly meetings). The virus is definitely picking my address up from aus.sf, because I post using an e-mail address unique to that group, and that address is appearing in the spammy virus mails. Grrr.

I've received over 140 of those messages, over 20Mb worth, in the last three days or so.

Must be time to start throwing in a ".invalid" at the end of my e-mail address, and mangling it a little ...
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A quiet(?) day, today ...

So, today merely involved getting up in time to leave here at around 10:20, go to Matt's place, then drive waaaay up into the Dandenongs to be at the reception centre for the wedding by 12:00 for a rehearsal of the ceremony. After the rehearsal and sorting out the details of seating arrangements and stuff, drove back, dropped Matt off, went to the computer swap meet at Camberwell, where Lisa bought my birthday present for next week, and then back home. Napped briefly, ate/drank various combinations of sugar, chocolate and caffeine, then went grocery shopping for the next week, came home again, and cleaned various piles of dishes that had magically appeared. Then dinner & some Futurama, and then hit the computers.

Must now break the trend of the last few weeks and go to bed before 2am (before 1am, even, and maybe even before 12:30am, although I still have to oraganise my bag for work tomorrow and find my chequebook and set up the bread maker ... ).
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