November 25th, 2003


Grrr ...

Last Friday, I was asked to take a couple of photos of a ribbon-cutting for a new website our department will be using at work (done in a tongue-in-cheek way). So, since I have a nifty shiny cute digital camera, I duly took the photos, and said I'd get them off the camera and put them somewhere where they could read them.

The first Grrr moment came this morning, when I simply couldn't read any photos at all off the camera - not in Win XP, not in Mandrake 9.1, not through the card reader and not directly from the camera. Yargh. And of course, fiddling around with all that meant that instead of a comfortable 1km walk to my train I got all hot and bothered by running for it.

The second Grrr came at work - I figured that surely my nice mostly-stable W2K system would happily read stuff from the camera.

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Grrr. Good thing there's fencing to let off steam at tonight :-)
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A ride with animals ...

Well, only a couple. After leaving fencing last night, I was riding along at a reasonable speed, when a cat shot out from the side of the road, apparently aiming to fling itself right under my front wheel. I braked a lot, and it finally noticed me and ran back the way it came (poing !).

And further on, while riding by the river, a number of bats flew silently by overhead. This probably means that if I pay attention around sunset at our house they'll be flying by in large numbers - it's quiet eerie, seeing dozens or hundreds of flying animals going by without a sound. Cool, though :)

(the cat was a patchy white colour, I don't know how that figures into calculations of who was the luckier in that little exchange ;-) )
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