November 30th, 2003


Mmmmm, warm ...

Midnight, and according to the BoM , it's about 26 degrees outside still. Unfortunately, we've had a warmish week, and this apartment has finally warmed up with it (double-brick walls are great, but being on the second floor of the block is a disadvantage), so it's about 26 in here too (no A/C, you see).

Anyway, after another MSFC meeting last night (fairly quiet), we had a Mini-Con today, with various panels and fun, and Lisa and I once more attempting to sell many videos for things we've upgraded to DVD Collapse )
The hall wasn't air-conditioned, but never got uncomfortably warm during the day, fortunately. There were around 30 people attending on the day, and I think we can rate it as a success - it was a cheap, one-day "sample" Convention, with the plan being that we'll hold another one or two some time next year as well, and hopefully everyone there had fun.

After getting home, much laziness ensued - watching Futurama while eating fish and chips, and now I've been catching up on e-mail, LJs, newsgroups, and about to attack the web-comics. Wheeee ...
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