December 15th, 2003


The Big Mega Weekend Update

... or something like that. It's been a week since the last update, anyway :)

There was a dance lesson on Monday (revision of the stuff we think we know, a new step for the waltz, and started on jive). Fencing on Thursday - I had a bout 5-1 against Seamus - unfortunately it was a 15 hit bout, so he won 15-9. All was good up to about 7-all, and then he just took over, as he does.

On Friday, we had a big lunch-in-the-park thing for work, and got to run away home afterwards. (Big, because it's for the whole IT division, so there were hundreds of people there, a huge marquee, etc. And in a park is good, because we can all hang around and play cricket :-> )

Friday was also the end-of-year thing for MSFC. After fighting our way through traffic which turned a 15-minute drive into an hour, we met up with 20-odd random fans, sat around for a while waiting to get a table at the cafe we were heading for (Southgate is a very busy place on a Friday night), and consumed delicious chocolate cake once we got in (well, Lisa and I did, others ate other stuff :).

On Saturday, after a lazy start, we went off to Ikea and other places, seeking a Christmas present for Lisa's brother, then did the normal weekly shopping.

And today, another lazyish start, then a 50km bike ride - up and down the coast, mostly, since there was a nice sea breeze to come home with. (One thing that was very nice about where I used to live in Adelaide - I could go roughly 40km mostly Southish on very level roads by the coast - and then ride home with a nice tailwind most days. Wheee :)
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