December 18th, 2003


Music of the season ...

Is it a sign of getting old and grumpy ? Is it a sign of spending 5 years in a high school concert band [1] ?

Whatever it is, I'm finding the never-ending background of Christmas carols & songs - jazzed up, slowed down, wailed, croaked, or completely massacred - in public places very annoying (especially when it started in November in some places !).

[1] Our band [2] regularly played in shopping centres and other public places, and thus from October/Novemberish onwards we were practicing Christmas stuff. 5 years of that is more than enough.

[2] I'm not sure if many schools still do this sort of thing - there were up to 50 of us in the band, with very distorted numbers of instruments compared to a "real" orchestra (e.g. 10 flutes, 10 clarinets, 2 strings !). We played arranged-for-concert-band versions of pop tunes and "classics" (e.g. the Beatles :-). I haven't seen any such bands in public places while I've been in Melbourne, though, and I suspect most students have been lured away by things like the Rock'n'Roll Eistedfodd. Possibly, fewer students are playing musical instruments in school these days too ... It's a pity, in a way. There were a lot of times that conducting our band resembled cat-herding more than anything else, but every now and then everything came together and we actually sounded good . Then there was the jazz band ... (coincidentally enough, at Parliament station yesterday, both in the morning and afternoon, "Fly Too High" (hmmm, I'm not sure that's its real name, now that I type it) was playing, one of the songs we played in jazz band).
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