January 2nd, 2004


Hello, 2004 !

And a Happy New Year to whoever might be reading this.

So, Adelaide. Arrived on Dec 29th. Collapse )

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While randomly following friends LJ links, I came across these two parodies, and was very amused.

First, a parody of The Two Towers , then a parody of Return of the King .

Finally a random thought I had while the RotK credits were rolling - is anyone likely to remake LotR for film again ? If there's one thing Hollywood likes to do, it's recycle, but in this case, I just don't see it happening for a long time. For a start, it would cost a huge amount to do, would have to overcome all of the hurdles this trilogy overcame, and ... it'd have to be better ! Not very likely, in my opinion.

So, I should go to bed shortly (just a few more pages of Quicksilver ), since we're flying back to Melbourne tomorrow. Yargh. Being back there will almost certainly remind me that I'll be back at work next week, and I've been blissfully enjoying not being at work for the past two weeks. Oh well.

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