January 12th, 2004


Something like a weekend ...

On Friday night, an MSFC committee meeting - about typical for a committee meeting (stuff was discussed, decisions were (eventually) made, no-one got killed (sometimes a near thing, though) ).

On Saturday, laziness ensued, and then rwrylsin and I went out to celebrate a 20th birthday for Krystal (a friend from rwrylsin's fencing club). We had dinner at a cafe on Lygon St, some people grabbed gelati afterwards, and then off to "The Amber Lounge", a nightclub on Lonsdale St in the city. It occurred to me that this is the first time I've been to any nightclub in Melbourne, and before that, the only times I went to nightclubs in Adelaide was when they had a decent techno DJ playing as well (I think I went to Heaven once, possibly for Carl Cox (? long time ago, I could be wrong), and maybe once to another one ... also lost in the depths of my memory). I went to quite a few raves and mini-raves, though, and there's quite a contrast in people's behaviour in the two types of places. True to stereotype, many of the people dancing at the Amber lounge danced in circles (mostly women) around a pile of bags in the centre of the circle - often with a drink in one hand and cigarette in the other. At raves (in Adelaide 10 years ago, at least), there isn't a handbag or cigarette to be seen, and people are scattered all over in no particular patterns or groups, but generally facing the DJ. I'm sure someone somewhere has done an academic study of it all, but it amuses me anyway. (Edit: And Saturday reminded me that one day before we go to the UK, I should drag rwrylsin along to a goth nightclub somewhere, so we get to dress up all Gothily or blackly or something, and the music should be ok too ... )

Sunday was another mostly lazy day, although we did the grocery shopping, and I actually achieved something - I tidied a table. Ok, doesn't sound like much, but it was the sort of table where stuff accumulates over a period of a few months, and suddenly there are 27,534 things on the table, each requiring a separate decision on whether to keep it or throw it out, and if to keep it, where to put it. Finally got it cleared, now I've starting piling old magazines on it, since I have 12 years worth of New Scientist magazine to sort and decide what to do with.
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