January 13th, 2004


Wheee, busy Monday ...

First, I'd like to quote from a computer magazine I was just reading. Read the quote, guess the amounts hidden behind the cut, then take a peek. For bonus points, guess the year.

"With CD-ROM recorders (CD-Rs) such as Sony's costing around Collapse ) and blank disks averaging Collapse ), and with vastly better software to manage the recording process becoming available, CD-Rs are becoming ordinary peripherals". [1]

Meanwhile, in another magazine, a truly idiotic quote :

"Finally, a word of advice : if you can possibly steer clear of UNIX (and other large scale operating systems), do so. Today, most Internet services may be provided using microcomputer based servers and clients. These are easy to configure and administrate. With UNIX, it's easy to open yourself up to hackers just by making a mistake in a single configuration file." [2]

Finally, the reason all these magazines popped up is that I was going through all of my magazines ... that's All Of Them[tm] - over 12 years of New Scientist , a whole bunch of Scientific American , The Economist , Byte , APC , and many others. The plan is to take the 500+ issues of New Scientist , and either find a buyer or a good home for them (someone with Lots[tm] of shelf/storage space) (might keep the first few and the Christmas specials, though, just to reminisce sometime). If I can find homes for some of the other stuff too, that would be even better, and make our packing-to-go-to-the-UK plans much easier.

Earlier tonight was our first dance lesson of the year - we were a bit rusty, but got back in to the basics (foxtrot, rumba, waltz), then started the basics of salsa and jive. Fun, although tiring at the end of a Monday, especially after running to catch the train to go to the dance lesson (although it was running 8 minutes late, so I needn't have bothered - isn't that always the way ? Stroll, and it'll be 1 minute early, run and it'll be late or cancelled ... ).

Amazingly, for a Monday, managed to get quite a bit done at work too. And at home, I've finally cleared out all of the spam. Whew. Time for some sleep ...

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