January 21st, 2004


I had a clever subject for this update once, but now I can't remember it ...

So, since the drama and excitement of crashing PCs last week, what have I been up to ?

Well, my legs are getting a good workout - 35km bike ride on Sunday (at about 30km/h), dance lesson on Monday with rwrylsin, and cycled to fencing and had some bouts and a footwork-focused lesson yesterday. I've discovered all sorts of muscles around my hips that I didn't know about before.

My brain ... is lost somewhere in Neverwinter, I suspect. Yes, I've paused my recent Baldur's Gate II obsession, only to start up and get absorbed in Neverwinter Nights. Sheesh, silly me. Fortunately, there's a long weekend coming up, I should be able to catch up on sleep a bit then.

I have a cunning plan, involving dragging a bunch of people off to Underworld - possibly this weekend or next, depending on how organised I get. If you're interested, just comment :)
(I might post the plan on 2ndfloorkorner too, since not everyone there has me friended (not surprising, since most of them probably don't know me), but many might be interested ... )

I think I'll have to update more often, I'm sure I had something clever or interesting to write here,
but I can't remember what it was now ...
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