February 5th, 2004


Not quite according to plan, today ...

The plan went :
Catch the 8:24 or 8:32 train, go to the post boxes at the World Trade Centre (that's in Melbourne, we have our own WTC for some unknown reason), pick up the MSFC mail, then head off to work, arriving comfortably at around 9:10-9:15.

The reality was more like :
Leave home at 8:40, run the 1km to the station to catch the 8:45. The 8:45, of course, came at 8:52. Get so caught up in reading a book that I missed Spencer St station (or maybe the train didn't stop ? I'm sure I would have noticed the train stopping ... then again, I've been fairly vague lately). Get off at Flinders St, having around 10 minutes to get to the post boxes before the sorting room closed at 9:30 (so I could pick up a parcel that I'd received a notice about the previous time I'd checked the MSFC post box). Walked and trammed along and picked up the mail, then caught a tram back up Spencer and along Collins St to work, getting in at about 9:45. Gah.

(and this update would have come sooner, but there were meetings and work things to do, and then Mozilla couldn't find a proxy server and locked up, and I got busy with other stuff ... )
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