February 8th, 2004


Ah, that's better ...

Yes, the dishes are done. All. Of. Them.
The kitchen looks much less of a disaster area than it did yesterday when juzbunny and pearl popped around to pick up a bookcase.

Meanwhile, have also sorted out a whole bunch of fanzines received by the MSFC over the last N months, and ... ummm ... not done much else really.

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Last night was Geek Heaven night - here was the setting :
Linux computer, with trn for Usenet, Mozilla and Opera for the Web, and mutt for mail. xmms playing the hard trance channel from Digitally Imported .
Windows XP computer with Neverwinter Nights.
Plentiful supply of Coke, chocolate, and Tim Tams.

Ahhh, geeky gaming bliss until the small hours of the morning.

(some weekends it's the not-so-small hours of the morning, but I wasn't too bad last night / this morning ... )
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