February 22nd, 2004


Ants !

(inspired by a recent kitchen invasion, some photos ... )

(let me know what you think ... )

(copyright ... me ! Don't use them without asking me.)
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Getting ready for the Big Move, pt1

We're selling, giving away and otherwise disposing of a bunch of stuff.

rwrylsin is maintaining a list of Stuff For Sale .

(there are some other things to go on that list, such as my computers & bits (Athlon 1700/512/80Gb/GF4 Ti4200/19" Sony G420 is one, PIII 450/384/20Gb/TNT2/17" is another), and bikes. Check back later :) )

(apologies if you're reading this and not in or near or moving to Melbourne, although we could conceivably work out some sort of postage or something on some smaller items ... )
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