March 3rd, 2004


New Things

Yesterday, I did two things I've never done before.

The first was watching an episode of Blake's 7 ... on DVD. This means (after around two years on pre-order) that it's finally arrived ! Yay !

(and in other, unrelated news, we have the complete series of Blake's 7 on Pal VHS tape, make us an offer :)

The second new thing was handing in my notice at work (all part of the Big Moving Plan). Yup, around 13 years "in the workforce", and that's the first time I've officially resigned from a place. It's a little bit odd, because I don't dislike my workplace, and the people are good, but I have been feeling the need for something new for a while now. And now it'll be something dramatically new, trying to find a job on the other side of the planet.
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