March 7th, 2004


Yargh !

On Friday, this computer ... stopped. This was rather unfortunate, because it's the computer rwrylsin and I use to access the Net. I didn't have time to look at it on Friday night, since we were out at MSFC until midnight-ish. Yesterday I got down to taking a proper look, removing bits and pieces of the computer to see exactly which one was causing the problem. I eventually got down to power supply, motherboard, and CPU - no RAM, no disks, nothing else, and it was still not working in any way (booting with no RAM or keyboard or video card should cause the computer to complain loudly and annoyingly by beeping at you - no beeps, no nothing). So, today we had to fit in a trip to the Computer Market / Swap Meet to see if I could find a sufficiently old motherboard/CPU to replace the dead ones (PIII 450 Mhz, motherboard with enough PCI slots for two network cards and a SCSI card, plus AGP slot for the video card and an ISA slot for the old SB AWE 32 sound card (huuuge card, full length thing from 1996 or so - haven't replaced it because it still works and I haven't been bothered to). Fortunately, you can get just about any computer part at a Swap Meet, and I not only found a suitable board/CPU, I actually had choices. So, for the remaining 9 weeks or so that we're in Australia, my Linux desktop runs on a Celeron 500 Mhz instead of PIII 450 ...
Rather irritating timing, though ...
Fortunately, all of the contents of the three hard drives in this machine were ok (and I have relatively recent backups of most of the important files ... ).

Now I've just got 450 unread e-mails to catch up with, plus LJ, Usenet, webcomics, etc etc. Yay.
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