March 15th, 2004


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So, yesterday the Victoria Tournament was held, one of the National fencing competitions held each year in Oz. I had an average sort of day. In the pool round, I won 3 of 5 bouts (although one of those in the weirdest circumstances ever - my opponent had a string of equipment problems and delays which ended up earning him 5 red cards, thus giving me 5 points and the bout). This ranked me 14th in the field of 43 going into the DE, which meant I had a bye while those in positions 22-43 fenced their bouts to determine the final 32 of the DE. My first DE bout turned out to be a comfortable 15-6 win - my opponent fenced ok, but I was having a Tall Moment [tm]. (Physically, I'm always tall, but I don't always fence like it ... ). My second DE bout turned out to be my last, alas, fencing Victor Lewith, which I lost 8-15. I needed to find a whole new level of fencing to beat him, but it just wasn't there for me. It turned out to not be there for anyone else either, and Victor went on to win the tournament.
Also held yesterday was the women's foil competition, where once again the two best women's foilists in Australia turned out to be a New Zealander and a Frenchwoman. Hmmmm ... something isn't quite right there.

So, my day wasn't quite what I might have hoped for, but it wasn't really bad as such either - none of the little annoyances that often pop up at competitions came up (e.g. forgetting something, or equipment malfunction, or running out of fitness), and I fenced pretty well, I just lost to the person who was fencing best on the day.
Yesterday might end up being my last competition on Australian soil for a few years, it will be interesting to see what fencing in Scotland (and the UK) is like, and very interesting to have comps in many other countries a relatively short flight away.

And finally last night rwrylsin and I got to relax and play board games with a few friends who we don't see often enough (considering they're actually in the same city as us :-) ).
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