March 21st, 2004


Yargh :)

Ok, time for an update on the week.

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Of course, nowhere in the above do I mention the astonishing amount of packing I've done in the past week ... oh wait, that's 'cos there wasn't any, all my time being taken up with work and dead computer and going places and being very vague. Yargh.
Time to stop update and start doing dishes, removing random-stuff colony from ironing board in kitchen (it's only been there a day, and is already covered), removing ironing board from kitchen, find floor again, then start packing, and sorting Lego, and putting clothes away ... oh yeah, and eat and get some sleep :->

(as I've been typing this, I've rebooted the other computer again, and changed a BIOS setting relating to USB mice, and it seems to have picked the mouse up fine. Full marks to Linux, then :-) )
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