April 6th, 2004


Grumble Mutter Growl

Darn computers. I've been wrestling with packages on one computer all night, and just now Mozilla froze and had to be killed on this one. This is astoundingly annoying, because
a) I had four windows open, with anywhere from 8 to 25 tabs open
b) I hadn't bookmarked the tabs for about a week
c) When Mozilla was killed, it didn't update the history file (why doesn't it update the darn thing as it's going along ? Who knows ... ).
d) ... thus I have no idea what was in at least 15 of those windows, and no record in the history. Grrrr.

Meanwhile, Yahoo groups stopped sending my anything on the 9 mailing lists I'm on, since last Wednesday or so. Apparently my mail bounced and this was enough for them to cut me off. This means that I'm about 300 messages behind on the various lists, and the only way to catch up is through possibly the suckiest interface to mailing lists ever imagined - the web. It's not as if it would be amazing, innovative, clever or even new to allow bulk catch-up mailing of all messages in a certain date range - in fact, I know it was being done over 15 years ago when I first started signing up to mailing lists. Why on earth is Yahoo so dense that they can't create a similar feature ? Grrrrr.

(and had to log out and restart everything at work today, which only failed to make me grumpy because it's likely to be the second last time I need to log out at work, since my last day there is the 22nd).

(this was supposed to be a weekend update, but it's turned into a grump-fest ... another update later, perhaps .. .)
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