April 16th, 2004


Random I-should-be-asleep-by-now update.

Wheeee. I've been berserkly adding people to my reading list (errr, friends list :). If you just got added and wonder why, either I randomly stumbled across your LJ and it looked interesting, or you are in some way connected with Edinburgh, Fandom, or fannish people I know (one or more may apply).

I changed my LJ interface language to Chinese (simplified chars). Why ? Well, why not, I know my way around the interface anyway, and I might remember a few of the characters, or be inspired to try to relearn the Chinese I used to know.

Meanwhile, saw a cute made-up word in a this SlashDot comment :

As far as I can tell, there is no word in everyday English that means 'being unable to speak the local language'.

This is quite a common occurance nowdays. Hop on a plane and within a few hours you can be in a place where you can't speak the local language. But we don't hae any word for that condition.

Allow me to propose the new word :


from 'illiterate' and 'linguistics'

Don't know if it'll catch on, mind you.
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