April 17th, 2004


Time for a photo update ...

Some of these are from a few weeks ago, when rwrylsin and I drove up to Horsham for a wedding, then drove down to Warnambool and along the Great Ocean Road for a bit (before it got too dark and we gave up and headed to the A1 and back home to Melbourne). Others were taken ... sometime.
The photos below are all links to larger images.
The usual rules apply: These photos are mine; don't use them elsewhere without asking me first. Feel free to leave comments, though.

Link to larger photo of Melbourne buildings I went for a little walk one lunchtime, and happened to have my camera with me. The building with the ANZ sign at the top is where I work, just under half-way up. Well, where I work until next Thursday, after which I'm on leave until the 30th, and then unemployed :-)

Link to photo of network cables in wall sockets This is what happens when I have a camera handy all the time - I take photos of the oddest things. In this case I thought "ooh, nice light", and reached for the camera.

Link to photo of view from Mt Rouse This was about 2/3 of the way from Horsham to Warnambool, and is basically a hill in the middle of an area that is mostly dead flat plains, as the photo shows, I hope.

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