April 20th, 2004


Vague attempt to start a meme ...

What programs do you have running on your computer right now ?

I have :
Opera (web browser, very fast, can also be very secure (no popups, etc)).
xmms (Audio player, similar to WinAmp)
Audacity (sound editor, used for converting .wav files from tapes into MP3s, currently with 600 Mb .wav file open)
Ksirtet (silly tetris thing :-) )
3 cxterm windows (a version of xterm which allows Chinese input/output)
xsane (program for photo/slide scanning)
5 Konsole windows (sort of like xterm, but not)

(and the other PC has Mozilla, mutt (mail reader), two trn windows (Usenet reader), gramofile (currently used for recording audio cassettes to .wav files), xmms, and a whole bunch of terminal windows ... )

Your turn ...
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