April 25th, 2004


A quick update

A quick update, after I had just about finished typing a long "quick" update then stupidly closed that window when I was trying to go to another window (unfamiliar browser/OS, Safari on Lisa's Mac).

In brief, on Thursday I finished work, had the traditional farewell lunch and sendoff, got home late, ate later, got to bed quite later.

On Friday, woke up 8:30ish, eventually got moving, stopped by CBD, then headed to Canberra, arriving at around 9:20pm. Hung around the bar, chatted to people, then headed to bed.

Yesterday, got up, saw some panels, chatted to people, saw Art show and Traders room and stuff, caught up with drjon and Alison and owlrigh, had dinner at a place called Woodstock, hung around in the bar, Lisa went to bed, then I went back to the bar, and later to the Purple room party (hosted by Paul and Trudi, so it featured lots of chocolate :-) ), until sometime after 2am.

Got some sleep, got up around 9ish today, caught a couple more panels, wandered out for lunch, came back and paneled and chatted and lurked around some more, met numbat (always handy to put a name to a face), and finally here we are, after a lazy (room service) dinner, doing LJ updates and things from our room on rwrylsin's laptop.

If this had been the update I was typing the first time around, it'd have been longer and more detailed and possibly even better to read ... oh well. I might edit it later ...
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