April 27th, 2004


Another quick update ...

Conflux has ended (Awwwww).

We're still in Canberra. Today was Tourist Day, so we went around the National Museum (takes the "National" part very seriously), and a very quick run through Parliament house (after a pleasant walk up there from our hotel).

Yesterday the Con ended. Fortunately, there are more Cons coming, starting with Continuum, in Melbourne on the Queen's Birthday long weekend. On a date to be announced very soon, there will be "Conclave" in Adelaide. Next year's NatCon is Thylacon II (or is it III ?), in Tasmania, Easter weekend (I think). There will also be SwanCon, Continuum, and something else which I'm afraid I can't remember at the moment. And finally, moves are afoot to make a serious bid for WorldCon in 2010 (in Melbourne). Wheeee ...

After the closing ceremony, rwrylsin and I decided to see if anyone was around in the hotel's bar before trying to track down either of the dead dog parties. There were people in the bar, so we ended up staying there until the bar closed, then moved out to the hotel's foyer, where we stayed (in gradually diminishing numbers) until sometime after 3am.

I'm beginning to think I'm going to have to write a proper Con report, then send it to a fanzine or two (etiquette question - is it ok to submit the same article to more than one fanzine ?).

Anyway, tomorrow, we drive down to Bairnsdale, and on Friday, we head back from there to Melbourne. Just to complete the insanity, we'll be attempting to go to MSFC on Friday night, before getting back home to begin the Mega Packing Weekend (of Doom).

(hmmmm, mood of "sleepy" doesn't really capture it properly ... sleepy, but happy from having had a fun Con, but a little sad that it's over now, and feeling vaguely awake at the moment as well as sleepy, and having this vague idea that I should run around madly doing fannish things, except I don't know what and I don't actually have any ideas for them. Oh well :)
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