April 30th, 2004


We're baaaack ...

Yup, back from the big Road Trip / Conflux trip / etc.
Today featured a 290km drive from near Bairnsdale to home, with a quick stopover in Chadstone for shopping. I felt quite awake and rested today, so I drove 280km in one long stretch, in about 3 hours. Wheee.

Tonight, a quick trip to the MSFC to hand over the secretarial stuff (and webmaster stuff and random publicity stuff).

Sometime later, a more detailed update on the rest of the week and our travels.
Maybe even some photos.

(and a mini-gripe : Why is it that people driving slow vehicles always manage to speed up just as they enter the overtaking zones ? You'd think they'd figure out that having had a bunch of cars queued up behind them for the last 10km as they struggled to do 80 km/h up every hill, that it might be time to let some past, but no, they insist on speeding up to 100 or 110 and making life difficult. Sheesh).
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