May 17th, 2004


Wandering around San Francisco

So, here we are in SF, wandering around and enjoying ourselves. We arrived yesterday, having survived the 15 hours of flying and 3 hours of being in airports (just; there was a turbulent hour or so on the Sydney to SF leg that was very unpleasant (more so for rwrylsin). Collapse )

Yesterday, sambushell came and showed us some sights and kept us both awake (probably a good thing in our jetlagged state). We saw a large Apple store (rwrylsin accessorized a bit and drooled a lot), and a CompUSA store, and wandered around randomly before having some food at the place next to the hotel we're in.

Collapse )

(meanwhile, any Edinburgh LJ people reading this, want to randomly meet sometime ? I don't promise anything more than jetlag-inspired babbling from rwrylsin and I, but it'd be nice to know at least a few people in a new place).
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