May 25th, 2004


More updatey goodness

So, here we are in a rather large internet cafe in Edinburgh, one which takes advantage of LCD monitors in a big way, squeezing about 200 terminals in a decent-sized but by no means huge room.

Earlier today we went looking at a couple of places for rent, one in Edinburgh, in the suburb/area/locality of Morningside, and one in a town about 15 miles away called Linlithgow (another place with a castle in the middle of town).
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Anyway, we have job interviews in Glasgow on Thursday, so we'll have a look at some places there, and see where our jobs end up. Assuming we end up working in or near the same city, we'll probably end up in that city, at least for a while.

(random observations: Motorways here are just as crazy as they were last year, the nominal limit is 70 mph, but many people breeze on past at 80-100+ mph, ignoring the many fixed (and well sign-posted) speed cameras around the place.
People really do come out to sunbake when there's any decent amount of sunshine - it was 16ish C, and mostly clear the other day, and a few people were lying out in the park near our apartment catching some rays.)
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