May 28th, 2004


Our Thursday ...

Thursday started quite early, with the alarm going off at 6:00am. This was neccessary because we were in Edinburgh, and rwrylsin had a job interview at 9:00am, in Clydebank (west side of Glasgow). We managed to get breakfasted and moving just before 7:30am, and cruised happily along the M8 until about 3 miles (distances and speeds are all in miles / mph here, so I'll just go with the flow rather than converting to km all the time :-) ) out of Glasgow city centre, where everything started bogging down. The time was ticking away as we crawled along, hoping that the helpful signs saying "Slow next 3 miles" were to be believed (i.e. that it was only 3 miles of slow traffic). 8:30 arrived, and we were just getting past the city centre exits (16 or 17 or so), when we wanted exit 30, and I was thinking "we're doomed". Fortunately, the traffic really did ease up after that, and we managed to cruise along speedily, crossed the Erskine bridge, and made it in to the required bit of Clydebank by 8:57 or so (whew !).

We were both being interviewed at the same place (Clydesdale Bank, owned by the NAB Group), rwrylsin at 9, and me at 10:20ish. I think it went ok, but I did have a few moments of brain fade and babble (there were many questions asking me to relate past work experiences, and since finishing work 5 weeks ago (is that all ?) I've done my best to forget everything :) (and we've been a wee bit busy, what with Canberra and ConFlux and then moving ourselves to the other side of the world, and all) ).

After that, we inspected a couple more flats, both around the Anniesland area, both in relatively new developments (only a couple of years old). They were both quite nice, both included a parking space, and were within tolerable walking distance of train stations. Judging by the number of other "to let" signs in windows in the area, it shouldn't be too hard to find a place there if we want/need one (one real estate agent last week said that this was a good time to rent, because students were all moving out; yesterday, we were told that we should be quick, because students were going to start moving in soon; wonder if there are more outgoings or incomings ?).

Here's hoping something comes of the job interviews - then we can pick a city, pick a suburb/area (still not quite clear if the different areas are suburbs as we know them), and settle down a little (e.g. get Net access :-) ).
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