June 28th, 2004


The strange things one reads ....

So, I've been doing the big SlashDot catch-up, and finally got down to "start=960" or so. Along the way there was an article which mentioned that Australia's "Rusty" Russell spoke at the Senate select committee on the free trade agreement between the USA and Australia, and a link to the Hansard record of the meeting. The meeting covers a lot of the topics of the FTA, not just open source software or Linux, including copyright, sugar & pork trade, and all sorts of other things. I found the following quote very amusing, though, particularly since the "Mr Adams" who made it wasn't listed among the attendees of the meeting and apparently had nothing else to say during the meeting :

Mr Coroneos — [ some text snipped by me here ... ] There is a very strong public domain component to the Internet, which is, in many respects, its greatest strength. I would find it difficult to believe that a free trade agreement between the country which arguably invented the Internet and a country which has embraced it—

Mr ADAMS — I thought Al Gore invented it.

Oh fergoodnesssake. What rock do these people live under ?
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