July 2nd, 2004


Fencing !

rwrylsin and I went fencing tonight, the first time we've been since we got over here. We joined a session of the Glasgow West End Fencing Club, currently training once a week in a uni gym. It didn't take us long to get ready to fence, and fortunately there were plenty of sabreurs and sabreuses for rwrylsin to fence, and a couple of epeeists for me (apparently there are usually more, but some of them weren't there, and one took a year off dead for tax purposes to work on sabre.
I had some warm-up hits, then a bout, with the epeeists, then there was a brief but vigorous footwork session (haven't done one of those for ages (mainly because I do my best to avoid them)), then back to the fencing. As expected, not everything was working properly, being my first fencing session in three months. I'll have to work out my distance again, regain some point control, and remember not to do silly things that get me hit.
And I suspect I'll have some spectacularly sore muscles tomorrow, since they haven't been used for fencing for three months either. Oh well, 'twas fun, and we'll probably go again next week.

(and meanwhile, earlier today I picked up a 17" LCD screen that I had ordered. I now have it hooked up to rwrylsin's PowerBook, which of course handled the extra monitor with no problems at all (It Just Works). Any day now I'll get around to ordering the rest of a PC for myself and put it together and not have to use rwrylsin's computer for everything ... )
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Comment e-mail on LJ ?

Meanwhile, if there are others out there who have switched on the option to get comments in your journal e-mailed to you, have you noticed those e-mails getting through slowly or not getting through at all lately, or is it just me ?
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