July 10th, 2004


Blood and fencing ...

So, I've had a cold this week. Which of the following activities do you think brought on a nosebleed ?

  1. Fencing a couple of epee bouts last night,
  2. Wandering down the chocolates aisle at Sainsbury's,
  3. Sitting at the table a minute or two after eating dinner,
  4. Doing vigorous group footwork drills at fencing last night,
  5. Randomly sniffling while sitting around watching TV,
  6. All of the above.

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Meanwhile, last night rwrylsin and I went fencing for the second time since we moved Over Here (and my second time in about three months). My distance was much improved - last week, I lunged attempting to hit my opponent on the wrist - and my point ended up somewhere behind his body - and hadn't hit anything on the way through, so my point control is obviously way off too. Last night, I lunged for wrist hits a few times and "merely" ended up half-way up the arm, and was mostly hitting. A big improvement, but some work required still, obviously.

A little aside which will probably seem odd to the UK residents reading this, and may seem odd to the others too - there's still something slightly "exotic" about shopping in Sainsbury's or Tesco or other well-known UK chain stores - because we've heard the names regularly on British TV shows shown on Australian TV over the years, but we don't have similar stores in Australia.
Well, except Safeway, but the two Safeway chains are owned by different companies, just like the USA Target and K-Mart chains don't seem to be connected with the Australian Targets and K-Marts. Actually, there are Woolworths stores in both places too, but again, not connected as far as I know. Amusingly (?), in Australia, Woolworths supermarkets and Safeway supermarkets are owned by the same company, and use the same slogan and ad jingle, just changing the store name - "Safeway/Woolworths, the fresh food people". More amusingly, there's a Tasmanian chain of supermarkets who sold their business to the same company, with the condition that their name be kept, thus, in Tasmania, there's "Roelf Vos, the fresh food people".

Well, it amuses me.
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