July 14th, 2004


Meeting people ...

Last night, rwrylsin and I wandered along to a pub called the Iron Horse, and headed down to its basement, in the hope of meeting up with some local SF fans. They call themselves "USS Valiant", since they started as pure Star Trek fans, although these days they seem to have branched out into general mostly-media fandom, and costuming. We met Lisa and Lizzy and Lindsay, and a bunch of other people whose names didn't begin with "L". Amusingly, Lisa is not tall, and blonde, and has waist-length hair - much like my own Lisa (rwrylsin) - except at first glance, her face reminds me of an ex-Adelaidean, Georgina. Lizzy, while not blonde, reminded me a lot of another ex-Adelaidean, Cassie (these names will mean nothing to all except about 4 people on my friends list).
Anyway, we introduced ourselves as Australians who had recently moved to Glasgow, and got regaled with many tales of the things these people have got up to over the years (a surprising number of which seemed to involve someone costumed as a Klingon. Hmmm). They also do fund-raising events for charity, and organise conventions from time to time.
One of those conventions is coming up soon, to be held in a pub a few km away from our place, and the (confirmed-subject-to-filming-commitments-etc) guests are ... Paul Darrow (Avon from Blake's 7 ) and Anthony Stewart Head (Giles from Buffy ). Wheeee ! I think I'm going to like fandom in the UK.
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