July 16th, 2004


Fencing, Go - Go fencing !

So, on Thursday night, rwrylsin and I went fencing again. I managed to fit in 5 bouts this time, winning 4 and losing one 14-15. More to the point (ow), I was generally fencing better than last week - better timing, moments of point control, a nice foot hit, and some good long attacks of the sort that surprise the opponent (I attack to the wrist with a lunge - and stretch and stretch and slide past the wrist and attempted parry and hit the body. Whee !).

Meanwhile, I've played more Go on IGS. Apparently I was right to be conservative in setting my rating, because playing against people around the same level, I lost four games in a row (by resigning, 80 points, 45 points and 25 points, respectively). Still, I did better in the last game and probably only lost by one mistaken move which let my opponent make a major invasion into my territory. Next game for sure ! (bwahahaha)
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