July 21st, 2004


Hooked on old things ...

rwrylsin and I seem to have got hooked on an archaeology show, called "Time Team", which shows regularly (at least twice daily, it seems) on one or the other of the Discovery channels. In the show, the team gets three days to investigate a particular site somewhere in the UK. This really brings home to me that the UK has So. Much. History. In one person's back yard they had to dig past the mediaeval remains and Roman remains to get at the Iron Age remains they were looking for ! From watching the show, it feels like you can hardly walk anywhere around here without tripping over something which is anywhere from 500 to 5000 years old. This makes for quite a contrast to Australia. While humans have occupied Australia for around 40-60,000 years, the evidence of occupation is fairly sparse and hard to find, except for the past 200 years or so. Over here, there's so much stuff around that they can make hundreds of shows and still not exhaust the supply of cool stuff to dig up.
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A late update on last weekend ...

This will be brief, since rwrylsin described the weekend very well, and this is quite late for something talking about last weekend.
On Saturday, we went for a little drive ... to Wales. A little town named "Y Felinheli" (or maybe just "Felinheli" ?) near Bangor on the Northwest corner of Wales, which is kriste's new home, and thus, the venue for a housewarming. Also an opportunity for us to go for the first long drive in the car (well, 310 miles each way, which is long enough for a weekend), and see various bits of countryside. Even though it's mid-summer here, everything is Very Very Green. Green ! Green everywhere ! Ah, I really like this place :-)
kriste and flat-mate Dave have a nice place, spread over three levels, with random computers and Lego and things scattered around, and it's in a nice location, with views over the Menai Strait to Anglesey. The housewarming was small but fun, with lots of sushi and snackfood (ok, sushi is not my thing, but it looked neat :-) (made by kriste, of course) ), and we headed back home on Sunday. More Green ! And a lunch stop in Chester, which has lots of neat old buildings and various Roman ruins (and non-ruins - the Roman wall in the town is standing strong for much of the way around the town), and then we were home again.

Meanwhile, part of my computer has arrived - the case. The rest should arrive tomorrow, along with a very large map of the UK, which will help us in planning future road trips (next up, a drive to Hinckley in Leicestershire for the Discworld Convention sometime in August).
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