July 31st, 2004


Time for an update, or something ...

So, we seem to have settled into a pattern of life, which is probably a good thing, for people who moved to a country on the other side of the world not that long ago. One evening fencing, one evening being fannish, and random roaming around the countryside on the weekends. Will probably find ourselves either in a gym, or at some other fencing club on one of the other weeknights, one night of fencing isn't quite enough to get up to competition strength (coming from as far down as I am at the moment, at least :-) ).

Speaking of fans, a cute guide to types of fans (from drjon, if I remember correctly.)

Collapse )

And finally, our 11 boxes and 1 suitcase of stuff which were shipped across by sea freight have actually truly arrived in the freight facility somewhere near Cumbernauld, and we have Customs clearances. With a bit of luck, I can pick it up tomorrow ... yay ! At last, we'll have an instant DVD and book collection. Errr ... now, where will we put it all ?

(I forsee a hasty trip to Ikea coming up sometime soon, too ... )
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More amusement !

(from msagara) Apparently, Eric Idle was fined $5000 for using the F word on air in the US. Go here to hear his response. (Errr, very blatantly not safe for work or polite company)

Meanwhile, the sheep are getting cleverer.

And finally, I am boggled. Stephen Donaldson has apparently caved in, and there will be more Covenant books ("The Runes of the Earth" is the first, coming out in October).
(and my curious brain prompts me to wonder . o O ( Is there any Thomas Covenant fan-fic ? Slash, even ? ). Bad brain :-)
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Photos !

First, one of the cat who visited us earlier this evening (the windows were all wide open to air the place a bit, and apparently this cat can jump).

A cat, walking along our kitchen windowsill

Behind the cut, photos from Stirling, Loch Lomond, and Wales (and one for dewhitton, if he's watching). Collapse )

Let me know what you think of the photos !
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south park me

Small "A-ha" moment ...

A little while ago, I was wondering why I couldn't select different icons for my posts (even though I had three uploaded, and had logged out and back in again). The actual problem was that I hadn't set any keywords on the icons - so there you go, and here I am, with a different icon :-)
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