August 10th, 2004


A weekend.

So, another weekend passed by.
Saturday started with a lazy lie-in (yay), then rwrylsin and I wandered along to a nearby gym, having both decided that we'll need to be fitter if we're going to go to various local and not-so-local fencing competitions. The paperwork took a while, then we had a quick introduction to all the various exercise machines, then spent 45 minutes or so getting some exercise in. For the first little while I'm aiming to concentrate on cardiovascular fitness, then work in light weight work later (fencing doesn't need huge amounts of strength, and I don't want to lose any speed or flexibility).

Yesterday, we went to Bothwell Castle, another castle ruin, and wandered around admiring the place and taking photos. We also wandered along a path which led from the castle along a nearby river (part of the Clyde, apparently), which was very pretty and green and nice. The day was another great summer's day, too - the predicted maximum was 28, and I think it did reach at least 25 for a while.

After the castle, we did some supermarket shopping, headed home, snacked a bit, then went off to see King Arthur. I enjoyed it, although there was a moment where it seemed like a cross between Gladiator and The Magnificent Seven   Battle Beyond the Stars The Seven Samurai. Unfortunately, I don't know enough of either the traditional Arthur stories, or the hypothesized-based-on-archaeological-evidence revisions, to say whether it was true to them, but it seemed reasonable enough.

Finally, we got home around 8ish, as the sky had clouded over and the clouds were getting grayer. I thought I saw a flash of lightning just before we went in to our flat, and 10 minutes later, it was pouring rain. Ahh, Scottish weather.

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