August 14th, 2004


Yay ... argh !

So, here we are watching a 1 hour highlights package of the Men's Sabre finals from earlier today (on British Eurosport, which is probably the same as plain Eurosport for Olympic purposes). Our first reaction is "Yay, fencing on TV !".
Unfortunately our next reaction is "Yaaargh, where did they dredge this commentator up from ?".
He's attempting to explain fencing concepts (e.g. right of way) while clearly having trouble with even keeping up with the score, let alone the phrasing of the action. I suspect he's reading off a cheat sheet, a "fencing for dummies commentators", because he doesn't explain anything very well.
Also, sabre bouts really don't last very long, and they have a 1 hour show (minus ads), so it seems a bit cheap to only show half a dozen points from each of the semi-finals. They are showing all of the bronze medal and gold medal bouts, though, so we just have to tune out the commentary and enjoy the fencing (and occasionally rwrylsin and I do a small pathetic Mexican wave).
Oh well, beggars can't be choosers, I guess.
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